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Is your yard showing signs of water retention? If yes, call the experts on 604-720-7891. We are going to help you restore your yard to its former glory or untapped potential. The many years of experience under our belt, allow us to offer perfection and no repeat jobs. Call us today! 

Everybody desires to have a beautiful landscape around their house or office – especially for those days when they need to impress their guests. This is a difficult task; actually it is close to impossible if the drainage is poor or improper. It is hard to miss the effects of a poor drainage system in the yard; marshy lawns, dead roots as a result of soil erosion, and stagnant water. While no one can deny the usefulness of water in maintaining a landscape design, too much of it can ruin everything. There is no question therefore, as to the importance of proper drainage out in the yard.

Poorly draining yards are turned into beautiful landscapes all the time but it can only be done by professionals. The right time to call a landscape expert right after you notice that there is something wrong with how the yard drains especially after the rains. A drainage expert will create a customized drainage solution to cater to your specific problem – water draining problems are unique to premises and type of soil. 

The general misconception about water draining issues is that they are natural. Some are but still others arise out of human error. A previous landscaping project might have caused unforeseen drainage issues. The environment too is responsible for poor drainage in some cases. Apart from poor water absorption properties of the soil, heavy rain can saturate the soil to the point of losing ability to absorb more. To correct the problem of poor drainage in a yard, the landscape can either be redesigned or an entirely new drainage system installed. 

The first step in solving the problem of poor drainage in the yard is to call attention to the signs;

  • Soil that travelled from the yard to the edge of the driveway or house during the rains

  • Pools of water around the house long after the rains ended

  • An increase in the occurrence of mosquitos, bus and generally pets in the yard

The drainage experts at Tiffin Drainage are committed and willing to help you to get rid of this problem once and completely. Their experiences aid them to diagnosis and correct the problem before it escalates to unmanageable levels. Call us today at 604-720-7891.


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