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Is the water main on your premises broken? Yes means that you need to call the professions. At Tiffin Drainage, you will meet a team of experienced technicians who are eager to please and do a great job the first time around. Call us today on 604-720-7891.

Every home owner dreads moments when they have to deal with broken pipes and the resultant water leaks. It is easy for clean water to burst pipes because it is usually under excessively high pressure (an average of 50 pounds per square inch). When a supply pipe suffers a leak, expect the resultant spray jet to damage property and walls. For those who cannot differentiate between sewage and clean water, the high pressure is indication of fresh water. 

After identifying areas around the house where the water mains require a retouch, look out for places where the valve to that pipe is located. Many water pipes in use today are made from copper and held together using an elbow, tee-joint or other. It is also possible that your home, if it is a bit older, has threaded galvanized iron pipes 

Is there water dripping from the ceiling? There are high chances that there is a water leak above. It is important to note, however, that water is capable of travelling a log way before it reaches somewhere to escape from. If no drips or stains exist as an indication of a leak, arm yourself with a flashlight then go down to the basemen for inspection. 

Depending on the climatic zone in which you live in, house pipes freeze could happen all the time. Having a pipe repair clamp can be routine in such areas in case a pipe burst occurs. The following of fixing a leak is as follows;

  • Close the water supply from the valve and if possible only close the affected portion. 

  • Follow the instructions on a pipe repair clamp – very often, the process involves placing a rubber sleeve over the center of the leak location then using a clamp to bolt it down. In a flash of a second, it is possible to repair water pipes by wrapping rubber around the busted section of pipe. 

Even if you succeed to stop a water leak, the solution can only be temporary. Call us on 604-720-7891 for an experienced plumber who will fix the problem once and for all. 


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