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Are you about renovating your home or office? If you are thinking about hiring a group of people for clean concrete cutting and Hammering, Tiffin Drainage is the answer. Our team of experienced technicians will do a job you will be proud to identify with. Call us today at 604-720-7891.

When doing renovation works on homes and commercial premises, it is highly likely that you will need to bring down some walls or sections of them. Jobs such as wall sawing, concrete drilling and concrete cutting are going to feature prominently in such projects. The use of jack hammers was a common way of bringing down walls some time back. The heavy hammer would be swung and left to hit the wall with the intention to weaken or smash it. This style of hammering was not only time consuming but also cause for a lot of fine dust.

Professional clean concrete cutting and hammering makes use of specialized machines whose blades have been fortified with diamond to produce precise and clean cuts. Since the cutting and hammering is done at a machine’s pace, the process is significantly faster. This allows busy property owners to participate in such renovations without the risk of wasting time. To reduce the amount of dust that would normally result from concrete cutting and hammering jobs, water is used. This also ensures that the finishing achieved is always smooth. 

Because of the nature of equipment they use, professional concrete cutters and hammers are ideal in the following situations:

  • Demolishing the foundation of a building

  • Create openings into a foundation

  • Leveling elevated sections of a floor

  • Knocking down walls when creating more interior spaces

Most people in need of concrete cutting and hammering services get worried of the costs of hiring professionals, oblivious of the fact that not just anyone would knock down concrete like you tell them to. Since the level of expertise of traditional concrete hammers is below average, the truth is that more costs could actually be incurred by working with them. Besides, why do you have to wait around for days as demolitions are going on when you can leave for the mall and when you come back in a few hours the work is done? 

That is our style of working at Tiffin Drainage because our technicians have been trained and involved in projects that call for professionalism. We deliver excellence because we believe that is what our clients need. Call us today at 604-720-7891.


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