Looking for a friendly and dependable drainage contractor in Tsawwassen? Welcome to Tiffin Drainage in Tsawwassen. Hear all about our wide range of services by calling us at 604-720-7891.

What we do

Tiffin Drainage is a reputable Tsawwassen-based drainage contractor providing friendly, dependable, fast and professional Wet basements, drain tile, sewer main, and water mains solutions to both our residential and commercial customers in Tsawwassen. We also provide other services including: 

  • Camera inspection/ drain cleaning 

  • Foundation Repair

  • Hand excavation

  • Trenchless solutions, (water lines and sewer lines without digging research)

  • Machine Excavation

  • Masonry

  • Sumps and Catch basins

  • Asphalt repair

  • Yard drainage

  • Hammering

  • Clean concrete cutting 

  • Concrete repair

Why trust us?

Go above and beyond

Tiffin Drainage Tsawwassen is your best local drainage contractor if you’re looking for high-quality results. We are profoundly dedicated to fulfilling all your water mains, wet basements, drain tile, and sewer main needs to your satisfaction. Unlike our competitors, we go above and beyond just to keep our customers happy. Whether you need urgent help with concrete repair, yard drainage or masonry, we’ve got your back. In short, we are the specialists you can depend on at all times.

Experienced, Trained and qualified professionals

Being a customer-oriented company, we only work with highly-trained and qualified professionals. We are confident when informing you that our team members are among the highest experienced and skilled in Tsawwassen. We work extra hard to make sure that our team of professionals is well-trained and up to speed with the latest work trends in our line of expertise. In addition to that, all our staff exudes high levels of professionalism, honesty, respect, and integrity when executing their duties for better customer experience.

Efficient and quick

Does your web basement need immediate attention? We have a reputation for delivering fast high-quality work. We value your time and we are determined to ensure that we don’t waste any of it. After all, we understand that time wasted is never recovered. One of our greatest strengths lies in meeting our customers’ set deadlines efficiently and conveniently. Our professionals are always punctual, swift and thorough to ensure that you’re not inconvenienced in any way. If we say we will do it, trust us to deliver on our promise.

Get in touch with us; our teams of experienced professionals are waiting to provide sensible solutions to all your wet basement, Yard drainage, Sewer main and drain tile problems.