Do you require urgent drainage solutions? Your answer lies with the technicians at Tiffin Drainage in Burnaby. We offer high quality service for all drainage works and our assurance to you is that you will not be disappointed. Call our customer service desk at 604-720-7891 and let us offer solutions for your drainage problems. It does not matter what time of the day it is because we are always on call. Require same-day service?


We will deliver!

Aspects that make us the best:

Extensive Experience

If you have drainage issues at home or at the office premises, you cannot afford to gamble with your waste water system. You need a team of professionals that have been in the industry for a long time. Our team is without a doubt what you are looking for because we ride on years of good reputation, offering the following services to the people of Burnaby:

  • Sewer main repair

  • Drain tile Repair

  • Clean concrete cutting and Hammering

  • Trenchless solutions, (water lines and sewer lines without digging research)

  • Machine Excavation

  • Yard drainage

  • Masonry, asphalt repair and Concrete repair

  • Wet basements made dry

  • Water main repair

  • Hand excavation

  • Sumps and Catch basins

  • Camera inspection/ drain cleaning 

  • Foundation Repair

Quick Response Time


By the time you discover that your drainage system is not working, you are dealing with an emergency situation. Your peace of mind can only be restored if you are dealing with a provider who will pick up your calls immediately and offer a solution. We know how tense you are when making that call or waiting for that email response that is why Tiffin Drainage in Burnaby offers round the clock customer service. Call on us any time of the day or night and we will answer you. 

Pocket-friendly Pricing

When you hire a team to look at your drainage, you are actually inviting people to earn a living from you. Well, this is alright if they do a good job but what if they do not? Working with Tiffin Drainage solutions in Burnaby removes such doubts from your mind because superior solutions are offered at affordable prices. The vast experience of our team means than no job is too hard for us to tackle and in fact we will offer advice on challenges you might be facing with wet basements, drain tile, sewer main, or water mains thinking of robbing the bank to pay us? You don’t have to!

Insurance and Warranty

There are many non-compliant drainage contractors in and around Burnaby but you do not have to learn the hard way. As a fully insured company, Tiffin Drainage takes care of all your water mains, sewer main, wet basements, and drain tile problems without fear of damages. Do not be afraid to call us back after a job, the warranty covers it! 

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