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Do you have an excavation job that requires working by hand? If you do, rest assured that Tiffin Drainage is going to help. Call us at 604-720-7891 see our experienced technicians jump at the opportunity to deliver beyond expectation. Call us today!

While the process of excavation is best done using specialized equipment, not all jobs are done with machinery. For instance, if you try to dig foundation trenches using a backhoe, the correct and accurate alignment of the trench will be difficult to achieve. Since the backhoe is attached to a tractor, it is only natural that the entire unit will vibrate as it moves. This means that jobs that little room for error are likely to get messed up if this approach is used for digging. 

Hand excavation is also the ideal way to dig up soil in the case of small pits like the ones used for manholes, pads, foundation for entrance steps, etc. In these scenarios, hand excavation is best because use of larger equipment is uneconomical and access for such equipment is restricted by size and weight. In the same way, any excavation work that must be done inside an already finished building or an area of the building that must be accessed through the main building must be done by hand. 

If the excavation work at hand involves trimming that must be done by hand, it is important to note that the ratio of trimming to volume of material removed is highest as the size of job decreases. This is the measure of how fast the team is working which in the past had been referred to as output in an hour. 

In addition to the geotechnical investigative activities that require just a small portion of excavation to be done, hand excavation is also suitable for projects where caution must be exercised. A good example is in the restoration of archeological works. A historic building will be excavated by hand so as not to damage the surface since most of the finishing is work that cannot be redone. Clearly, hand excavation has earned a spot on construction projects that is unlikely to go away even with evolving technology. 

Do you have a hand excavation project? Or do you suspect that the construction project you are thinking about can only be excavated by hand? Tiffin Drainage has experience technicians who will dig up as per your specifications.  Call us today at 604-720-7891. 


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