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Do you have unexplained wetness in your basement? If so, worry no more! Call the professionals at Tiffin Drainage today at 604-720-7891. We are a team of experienced technicians who will look for the source of the problem, correct it and make sure that it does not come back. Call us today!

A homeowner’s worst nightmare is a flooded basement. It is such a catastrophe because the possibility that property will have been damaged by the time you detect it is very high. In addition to that, dampness smells and this is because the mold that grows from high humidity is growing; this is a health hazard. Although it is a tedious process when done alone or without the right tools, wet basements cleanup can be done systematically by professionals. 

The initial step is to clear out the mess that has already been created by water damage. All items that are made from organic materials such a fabric, wood and upholstery must be taken out of the basement immediately. Assessment of damage then follows after which tough decisions must be made. Those that can neither be cleaned nor restored should be disposed of. While it may seem like such a loss throwing away priced possessions, this economic burden is lighter than having to deal with odor and mold. 

The second step is to get rid of the wetness in the basement. If there is any pool of water on the floor, it has to be mopped up. A wet vacuum cleaner is the best piece of equipment for this process because it solves the inconvenience of using a mob and bucket which must be emptied. To get rid of as much water as possible, the windows of the basement should be opened and a fan used to aid movement of air. 

It is not just enough to get rid of the water – the source must be identified and stopped. Sometimes the basement could become wet due to a one time occurrence like a broken washing machine or it could be due to a gradually developed situation like seepage through the walls. Either way, better have the problem identified then deal with how to get it fixed. 

Tiffin Drainage has professional waterproofing contractors who have been trained and exposed to several wet basement situations. The technicians will investigate the source of wetness and recommend viable solutions. Contact us today at 604-720-7891and get on your way to keeping your basement dry and your family free from the effects of dampness and mold. 


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