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Is your driveway made from asphalt or concrete? Have you recently noticed that it has started to look worn out, or even developed some cracks? There is no cause for alarm because professional repair services are only a phone call away. Call Tiffin Drainage today at 604-720-7891 and let us do the repair work for you. 

The driveway undergoes rigorous wear and tear so when you see the first crack, it must have developed over a long time. Of course there is the possibility that laying of the concrete or asphalt in the first place was not done right. So, the crack is here; you can choose to call in a professional to repair it or wait in the hope that you will get money to do a complete overhaul. Observe the crack, is it just a hairline? That’s more likely as a result of time and the elements – this is not an emergency. If the crack appears to grow in width and length every time you look at it, consider calling help to take a look at it. 

It is rather unfortunate that some unscrupulous contractors prey on the desperation of homeowners to make a quick buck. This would never be a problem if the homeowner or commercial property owner got value for their money. Avoiding the rampant scams and dupe games is however easier than most people would imagine. Do not accept offers on your door from salesmen claiming that some of your neighbors have already has a driveway repair done; neither should you believe it when someone pulls up in a construction equipment van and tells you they were working in the neighborhood and have some cement remaining which they could use to repair your driveway.

When the professional team comes to work on your asphalt driveway, they will either opt to apply overlays, patches or seal coating depending on the extent of damage. Ask your concrete repair, masonry and asphalt repair technician about hot patching as it is the most effective repair technique for asphalt.

Unless you are a concrete expert, it can be hard to tell the amount of work that will go into repairing your driveway. Either way, concrete or asphalt is not something you want to get involved with without the experience. Tiffin Drainage is a team of technicians who are trained and experienced in such works. Call us today at 604-720-7891. We are dedicated to solving our customers’ concrete repair, masonry and asphalt repair projects. Call us today!


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