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Do you need a catch basin installed in your yard? Or the sump cleaned out? We can handle any issues with your yard’s drainage but only if you let us know about it. Call Tiffin Drainage on 604-720-7891 and let us help you. You will be glad you did because of the level of service and devotion we offer. Call us! 

Many roads, yards and driveways especially in areas that are prone to flooding have drainage points along the length. These windows into which surface run off drains are referred to as catch basins, storm water drains or storm drains. The profile of the catch basin entrance is such that the grill traps litter, large debris particles and dirt on the outside and lets in only water. Sometimes large pieces of dirt find their way into these underground water drainage systems and they might not be able to get out naturally. 

When a sump is part of the drainage system, it is used together with the catch basin to help in settling these larger and heavier pieces of debris. In constructing a catch basin, an outlet is made to let out water above a certain level. If a sump is to be included in the design, an extra 1 or 2 feet of water catchment is constructed. That entire portion that lies below the level of the outlet is known as sump. It has a distinct function in that it collects solids and settled sediments from the waste water. The nature of debris that flows into the catch basin determines the frequency with which the sump is to be cleaned out – usually by vacuum or shovel. 

It is a deliberate construction decision to have a slanted yard to allow easy surface run off drainage into catch basin drainage systems. In cases where the yard is not properly sloped, the level of the catch basin on the first drain level can be raised while the pipe can be leveled in some areas. Installation of own spouts is a good idea if water needs to be assisted to reach its destination. 

It is interesting to note that sumps have unique identification numbers which the public can use to report cases of malfunction. Just read the number on the water entry point and your professional team will know where to come looking. 

Seeing just how important it is to have catch basins and sumps in your premises, and to have them working properly, Tiffin Drainage is here to help. Call us on 604-720-7891 and let us own the problem with your drainage. 


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