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Do you suspect that the foundation of your premises is compromised? Then you need to call on Tiffin Drainage today at 604-720-7891. Whether your concern is in regard to a commercial or residential property, you can rely on us to help avert a potential disaster. Call us today!

When the foundation of any building is shaken, there is a high possibility that the entire structure will cave in. The only way to prevent this from happening is to call in professionals to do some foundation repair works. Even before engaging the experts isn’t it worth knowing the causes of foundation damage? While the list of contributing factors is rather long, the greatest culprit is water. When moisture gets into the foundation, the enclosed space causes the soil at that level to absorb water. Having no way of escaping, the water causes soil particles to swell and this leads to movement in the foundation. 

Depending on how the property was constructed, the climatic conditions and frequency of maintenance, some properties will obviously be more susceptible than others. The following factors increase the chances that the foundation of a permanent structure is damaged:

  • The soil on which it was built is high in clay content

  • The soil on which the construction was done had not been properly compacted

  • There is poor drainage around the foundation

  • The area or region experiences extreme weather 

  • Plumbing leaks have occurred at the level of the foundation

  • A tree grows too close to the house and its roots might have made their way into the foundation

  • The structure remained standing after an earthquake but its foundation had been shaken

If the soil had been unstable from the very beginning or has been made unstable by prevailing weather and natural factors, this weakens the foundation. When soil moves below the ground, the movement is never uniform so it also means that the foundation reacts in an ununiformed manner. This situation can be seen on the surface by looking at the slab, beams and piers. 

Ordinarily, there is no real issue for soil underneath a building to swell as a result of moisture absorption. The problem is when one side of the house settles and the other does not. This differential movement will lead to large cracks on the walls. You do not want to get to this point because it means damage to property, reduced property value, high likelihood of tripping, and unsightly wall cracks. 

Foundation problems are serious issues that only professionals can handle. Call us today at 604-720-7891. We take our job seriously so we are going to take the job you give us seriously. 


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