Are you concerned that your yard is not draining water as it should? Do not put up with the mess when a call to Tiffin Drainage in White Rock is all you need to have your yard looking fresh. Call us on 604-720-7891 and let us work on eliminating the problem for you. 

The Yard, whether back or front, provides many opportunities to unwind and entertain your guests. We understand how it feels to have a yard that you cannot use because it has a drainage problem. We assure that our many years of experience have exposed us to many similar works and none is too complex for us to resolve.

What we deal in:

  • Sewer main repair

  • Water main repair

  • Wet basements made dry

  • Drain tile Repair

  • Clean concrete cutting and Hammering

  • Trenchless solutions, (water lines and sewer lines without digging research)

  • Concrete repair, masonry and asphalt repair.

  • Hand excavation

  • Machine Excavation

  • Camera inspection/ drain cleaning 

  • Foundation Repair

  • Sumps and Catch basins

  • Yard drainage

Reasons you should hire us:

Round the clock availability

When you notice that your drainage is not working properly, the last thing you want to do is call a professional team that promises to be there at a later date. We make your problem our business that is why we well come to you as soon as you invite us. Our 24 hour work policy is the guarantee you need to prove our reliability any time you need us. Since we have been serving the people of White Rock for a while, many people can bear witness to our responsiveness and dedication. 

Wealth of experience

Any incident of poor drainage is a threat to your entire property so you cannot afford to have the repairs done by just anyone. Tiffin Drainage White Rock is a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians put together to offer your impressive results. Our experience is not only drawn from a culmination of the exposure of each one of our experts but also from the nature of projects we have handled as a team. 

Competitive rates

Our operation in White Rock spans beyond offering professional drainage services. We have taken the time to study residents’ behaviors and preferences and that has been the basis for our competitive pricing packages. Considering the fact that we have invested heavily in the necessary equipment for all the services we offer and our technicians are the crème of the trade, what we charge is pocket friendly. We have ensured that paying us to repair your drainage, basements, sewer main, water mains or drain main does not leave a hole in your pocket. 

You know to call Tiffin Drainage for all drainage issues – no reason to suffer in silence!