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Why is it important to have a dry basement?

Many home construction plans incorporate a basement. Since this is a part of the building which is rarely used to entertain guests, some basements remain unfinished for long periods of time. It is not uncommon even to find basements used as storage for left-over construction materials. Whether you choose to use this area of your house as an extension of your living room or as storage for extra household belongings, the most important thing is that it remains dry. Well, here are the reasons why:

Prevent water damage to property

Consider everything that has been stored down at the basement. While it might have found its way there because it is currently not in use, chances are that it will be useful someday - otherwise it would have been in the garbage or given out. Water damage occurs when item has been standing in stagnant water for a while. The color of the object changes and its structural integrity is weakened. In most cases, the only way to deal with water damaged property is to dispose it off. What a loss!

Keep away mold poisoning

When water sits uncovered in an enclosed room for days the humidity level in the room increases. It is no wonder that warm, humid places experience the growth of molds on surfaces. The reality of mold presence is that the spores spread in the air and quite easily when there is a sudden air disturbance. Mold inhalation is deadly and can lead to severe respiratory infections. Having a dry basement all the time will prevent growth and multiplication of mold spores which in turn keeps you healthy.

Avoid pest infestation

A wet basement is attractive to insects and rodents that thrive in moist conditions. Do not be shocked therefore when you walk down into the basement one day to find an entire colony of rodents or insects down there. While they may like the conditions presented by your wet basement, one or two will occasionally find their way into the rest of the house. Whether you are looking at a termite, rat or snake infestation, the cost of fumigation might be too costly if they get out of hand. Besides, you and your family are at risk of getting diseases associated with such infestations.

Go down to your basement right now and inspect for any sign of wetness. Not sure if there is? Call Tiffin Drainage on 604-720-7891 for an expert opinion.

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